About US

Who We Are?

A fast-growing team of digital experts delivering effective and proactive marketing solutions.

A Reliable Team Of Professionals


Our team takes pride in being dependable and responsive to our clients’ needs. We understand that each project is unique and requires a customised approach. That’s why we take the time to get to know our clients and their business goals before we develop a strategy. Consider us as an extension to your already great team as you work with our specialists to achieve the best results.

Whether you need Web Development, Digital Marketing, Social Media Management or any other type of professional service, we have the expertise to deliver high-quality results that meet your needs. We use the latest tools and technologies to ensure that our work is always up-to-date and meets the highest standards of quality.

At the core of our approach is a commitment to open and transparent communication. We work closely with our clients to ensure that they’re always informed and up-to-date on our progress. We’re always available to answer any questions or address any concerns that may arise.


Meet Our Awesome Team

Dhruv Kesra

Dhruv Kesra

Founder & Head of Analytics

From Digital Marketing to IT support & Data Analyst for Disney. Now, Co-founder of Flex Media. His aim is to make data-driven decisions to lead businesses forward. 

Jignesh Hirani

Jignesh Hirani

Founder & Head of Business Development

Lawyer,  youth leader and now a Co-Founder of Flex Media. He is an expert in everything in which he dives into and is the bridge between the meeting the businesses and clients needs. 

Haresh Vekriya

Haresh Vekriya

Head of Web Development

Excited by the rapid pace of technological advancements that shape the world today. Experienced in UX Design & Development. Perfectionist at heart, which is why our clients love our results.

Our Values

Our values center around delivering outstanding results for our clients through a client-focused approach, adaptability, and consistency


We are committed to delivering measurable results for our clients. We believe in setting clear goals and using data-driven insights to measure and optimise our campaigns. We constantly seek to improve our performance and to deliver the highest possible ROI or impressions our clients.


We believe that our clients are our most valuable partners. We prioritise their needs and goals above all else, and we work tirelessly to understand their businesses and industries. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness, our ability to communicate clearly and effectively, and our commitment to delivering exceptional client service. We believe that by putting our clients first, we can achieve success together.


We understand that the media landscape is constantly evolving, and our team are committed to staying ahead of the curve. We value adaptability and flexibility, and we are always seeking to learn and improve. We are comfortable with change and are able to pivot quickly when necessary to meet our clients’ evolving needs.


We understand that consistency is key to building trust and credibility for our brand, clients and their audiences. We strive to deliver reliable and dependable services that meet or exceed our clients’ expectations every time. We also believe that consistency helps us build strong, enduring relationships with our clients and stakeholders, which is critical to our long-term success

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